Sunday, December 22, 2013

Volunteer Work for Community Learning Service

Since there are many and general issues for us to study, today I come up with one topic which is related the volunteer work because it plays an important role in academic life just like the way we are. Apparently, being a freshman  student, we might not interested in working while we are studying ;hence, I just want to draw your attention by looking my past experience as volunteering worker only short period of time at the rural area. To me, although it was just the simple task, I got some unforgettable experiences such as cooperating, sharing, participating, entertaining, and travelling among team works . Necessarily, I would like to share this message to all of you to find out and then make a good consideration in the appropriate way by analyzing of my common writing. Let’s go through it together! On 3rd March 2012, I developed a project which was related the women’s issue in Cambodia to educate people who lived in the rural area. During that day, I went to long-distance high school, which is located in Takeo Province. Approximately, it is more than one hundred kilometer from Phnom Penh City. In fact, I started traveling from 6:30 am until 9:40 am for reaching to the destination. Thus, it took me about 3 hours to go there. You know? The main purpose of my project is to educate students to realize about “Human Trafficking”. To tell you the truth, before I started giving the speech to the audiences, I prepared the pictures and made an outline of the lecture that I have written to hang on the whiteboard in order to explain the real issues which happened nowadays. Fortunately, everything is well-organized properly. In the class, there are twenty-five adult students including with several young learners. Most of them studied at grade 9. According to my observation, they were really respectful to me since they were so quiet and showed the charming face that made me feel comfortable to share knowledge with each other. I was the one who took responsibility for giving the definition of Human Trafficking. Also, I illustrated the issues that relevant to Human Trafficking in Cambodia. I took about twenty minutes for speaking, and the rest of time I set a few questions for students as I want to know their understanding to the lecture.  Then when I finished my presentation, I took a turn for students to answer my question. Furthermore, I determined that I would give some gift for those who answered the question correctly. After a while, there were four students who response the acceptable answer. Thus, I found out that they really paid attention for what I have explained because some students were very active. Noticeable, they took note the important points while I was explaining, so it was the best way to test the knowledge of students whether they focus on the lesson or not. In my opinion, although it was just a short course lecture, I hope that students realized to what the Human Trafficking is!  How many reason that enable Human Trafficking process! Especially, I wanted to educate students who were vulnerable knew about the way to avoid from traffickers because they were too young to be recruited by traffickers. In addition, my group and I distributed some books, pens, and cakes to them in order to encourage their participation. I also developed the activity with students such as playing an educational game, sang the song, and talking about the funny story. All of the students participated that special occasion happily because they were smiling and laughing all together. According to my opinion, after I completed my task, I seem to be gotten a lot of experiences and knowledge. Frankly, I was really proud of myself that I had a special opportunity to educate the people who live in the rural area to know about Human Trafficking in Cambodia since it is related to the gender issue. Actually, I have never had experience of teaching like that, so it was the brilliant occasion for me to transmit my knowledge to others.  Therefore, I got a lot of benefits which increases the potential for my study. Nevertheless, after they studied this lecture, I hope that they would take this information to their parents, relatives, and neighbors to realize about human trafficking which always happened at the rural area. As a result, I think my project would be effectiveness if they follow my instruction because it is the best method to stop increasing human trafficking in Cambodia. Lastly, I would never ever forget this volunteer work because it is the first time that I have never done before as I have trained myself through the bitter and sweet situation at the same time.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brief Educational Background

I am, Sim Yuthy, gratuated from Chompovwan High School in 2010. I first attended at Pannasastra University of Cambodia and i chose Intetnational Relation for major. I have successfully completed Diploma of Intensive English of academic Purpose and Special English Laboratory Program there. By winning the scholarship in 2012, I have been targeted to different direction but it still serves me right. Therefore, I am currently studying bachelor degree at Department of Media and Communication (RUPP). I am now taking media management as my major. Actually, i create this blog in main the purpose of sharing some informations which are related to my study field and my life experiences. In addition, this is what i start my writing skill since i'm taking journalism class in DMC. Thus, i will keep track on writing habbit by focusing on the dialy habbit and social issues which are happening in Cambodia.