Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Reflection

I’m going to read a book which is about “the introduction to policy process.” I think my book is quite academic, and it mostly related to the concept and theory, so you will get boring sometimes. However, it might benefit to all of us in the future because it is the fundamental process of public policy. In the future, we will work in the international organization, company, or government, so it would be better if we learn something about policy process. In fact, this book will represent all about the public policy making. The main goal of this book is to fill in the gap between theoretical section and case studies. In general, every books always has its own innovation or inspiration. Therefore, this book will provide the idea of public policy in the particular way and the professionalism experiences. Although this book finds hard to understand, I will still keep track my reading habit and share about what I have learned from it.

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